Top 3 model escorts in Kolkata waiting for you

Lizza Escort service has the most authentic, safe and sensual services available for our clients. We have a number of escorts in Kolkata who are crazy about making men happy. They like the thrill and take immense pride in whatever they do. We have been in the escort industry for over five years and our client history has been 100% positive. We are super discreet and safe to choose.

When you contact us our experts will also help you choose the models and call girls in Kolkata as per your preference. In case you want to take a look at some of them, we have listed down the top model escorts for you now!

Jessica-Crow escort girl

Jessica is everything you will want from the girl of your dreams. She is 26 years old and has lustrous black hair. Her complexion is very fair. Jessica believes that one should never stop having fun with life. She does not discriminate with people according to age.

According to her, age is no barrier to get naughty. This call girl in Kolkata is one of the most demanding escorts of all times. Her enthusiasm, flexible body and sexy attire make her want men again and again. She will do whatever you ask her to. She has no issues following the commands of her clients. Ultimately this model call girl is dedicated to making you beyond happy.

One simply cannot go wrong with Jessica and her moves. She doesn’t give up until her clients are fully satisfied. She is a bundle of energy and sexual intensity. Contact us now and we will hook you up with this marvelous escort lady.

escort service

Somya is a very spunky and intimate escort. She is 20 years old and loves to have older men around her. Her rawness and direct approach towards men will make you love her. She loves to spend time with her clients.  The work of giving pleasure to other is very exciting to her. She is very well experienced and enjoys her work very much. She is model with a perfect eye candy personality for corporate or business events too. Her smart and intelligent view is perfect for her to become a part of your events. Spending an evening and night with her will leave you flabbergasted. She is also perfect for the girlfriend experience you want.

In simple terms, she is everything you will want her to be. Whether it is a personal intimate experience or any event; you will have the best time with her.

The prices are reasonable and pleasure you will acquire is just out of the world. Just spend little amount to spend hours with this beauty. Ultimate pleasure is assured to all men anywhere in Kolkata.


Diana is a full-time model and escort lady. You can see from her picture that how fantastic her figure is. Her physical appearance is just one of the great things about her. She is amazing behind closed doors and can make you go crazy. She has an excellent position as a call girl in Kolkata and in the escort business for a long time. Diana will make you very friendly and comfortable around her. You can tell her to do anything and she will do it without second questions. Diana is also called the eye-candy of Kolkata. All you have to do is tell her about your expectation and fantasies.  She will take care of them perfectly. She also has got training in pleasing men in various ways. Her sexy attire and outspoken bold nature will make you want her more.

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