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If you are feeling lonely or missing the feeling of companionship from your life then you do not have to stay like that anymore. Lizza escort Agency are here with the best escorts and model girls in Kolkata. These Kolkata escorts are classy, hot and always ready to have fun with you.

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You do not have to book an escort with us blindly. Get to know a little about these awesome interesting call girls before you spend time with them. Before you go ahead to reach about them, let us tell you a couple of things. These girls are all really smart and intelligent other than being sexy and super naughty. You can have the girlfriend experience with these model escort girls in Kolkata too.

Jessica Crow

escort girl

Jessica is a beautiful 26-year-old escort. She has wavy black hair and a very fair skin which glistens. To her, age is no limitation to attain pleasure. She believes people of all ages should have fun. There are no age restrictions to her. Her enthusiasm, energy and flexibility are loved by all the clients and are the reason for hiring her again and again. She is someone who loves to follow the instructions given by the clients. If you want she can lead and initiate too. But Jessica is all about making others happy. She is very confident and goes an extra step to make the clients happy. She doesn’t give up until her clients are fully satisfied. If you make an appointment with her, you will be signing up for a fun ride. Contact us now and we will hook you up with this sexy escort lady.



Aruhi is well versed in English, Hindi and Bengali. She will speak with you in the language you are most comfortable with. But language is not what she is best at; it is pleasing men what she finds the most interesting. She is tall, sleek, sexy and bold with a milky fair complexion. Her long legs and well-shaped waist is highly leering and all our clients are crazy for it. It is hard to find a girl like her and those who get an appointment with her cannot stop asking for a second appointment. This piece of beauty will change your world with her presence around you. She is very good at trying new experiences to make her clients feel on top of the world. This escort call girl in Kolkata has a very good reputation for making men want her more.

Now that you have read about out top beautiful call girls and escorts; you can contact us to make a booking with these models and we will set you up without any hassle.

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